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Scala Shi Quote (QTSUS9222)


Scala playerstandardtabletlicenseaio (SWPSTAIO)


Scala Hdstandardplayerbundle(mediaplayers(smpa)withlinuxandpst01license) (SHPST01LUSA203)


Scala Saasplayerstandardtabletlicenseaio (SAASPSTAIO)


Scala Saasquaduhdplayer(featurebasedlicense) (SAASPAV4K04)


Scala Designercloudstandarduser1timeperpetuallicense (SAASDCSTPERP)


Scala Saasdedicatedcontentmanagerlicense (SAASCMSDEDICATED)


Scala 4gltemoduleforsmprandaiotablets(specialorderonlyfittedatwarehouse) (CPRAIO4GLTE)


Scala Shared Saas/hosted Content Manager Annual License (SAASCMSSHARED)


Scala On-prem Deployed Content Manager Download (enterprise Perpetual License) (SWCMSDL02)


Scala Hd-lite Player Feature Based License. Rk3399 2g/32g (SRPLT01LWLDASMPR)


Scala Content Manager Upgrade (SVINSTALLP)


Scala Designer Cloud Standard User Yearly Subscription (SAASDCSTYRLY)


Scala Removed Player (REMOVE PLAYER1)


Scala Content Migration And Upgrade (SVCONSULTP)


Scala Network Maintenance Renewal Fee (MAINT.RENEWALSAN)


Scala Standard Helpdesk - Saas (SVSAASHDSKSTD)


Scala Standard Helpdesk Yearly (SVHDSKSTDPRO)


Scala Hd Standard Single Output Subscription (TLPSTHD01)


Scala Set Up Cost Per Player License Rental. (TLPLRSET)


Scala Pc Player Subscription Rental Per Year (TLPLAD)


Scala Account Set Up One Time Cost (TLNETSET)


Scala Rental Of Content Manager (TLCMSDL)


Scala Technical Account Manager Labor (SVTAM)


Scala Saas Pc Player Custom 2 Year Agreement (SAASPLAD2)


Scala Saas Pc Player - 1 Year Agreement (SAASPLAD1)


Scala Designer Dongle To Dongleless Conversion (SWIDEDTODLG)


Scala Removed Player (PLAYER REMOVAL)


Scala Player License Downgrade (PLYRDGRD)


Scala Online Training Per Hour-g (TRONLINEG)


Scala Online Training Per Hour-e (TRONLINEE)


Scala Pc Player License-e (SWPLADE)


Scala Designer Dongless Conversion-e (SWIDEDTODL E)


Scala Designer - Dongless-e (SWIDEDLE)


Scala Content Manager - Dongleless-e (SWCMSDLE)


Scala Standard Helpdesk Per Incident-e (SVPNSE)