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Curvature Per Provider (PT EGMT)


Curvature Single Sign On Azure (SSOAZURE)


Curvature Vax Care Integration (VXCRE)


Curvature Rn Site Licensing Setup (RNSTUP)


Curvature Ad Hoc Reporting-unlimited Users (IZENDALICUNLIMTD)


Curvature (HIEMAINT)


Curvature (HIE)


Curvature Family Planning Reporting (FPRPRT)


Curvature Ad Hoc License Unlimited (IZENDALICUNLTD)


Curvature Inventory User Subscription (INVENTORYUSER)


Curvature Add. Pt/non-billing Provider (ADDTLPTLIC)


Curvature icine Monthly By Provider (TELEMED)


Curvature Secure Messaging 1-time Setup (SECMESSNGSETUP)


Curvature Secure Messaging Monthly Per Provider (SECMESSNG)


Curvature Registry Setup 1-time Cost (REGISTRYSETUP)


Curvature Patient Statements (PTSTATEMENTS)


Curvature Patient Data Conversion (PTDATACONV)


Curvature Onsite Training 7 Hr / Day (ONSITETRAINING)


Curvature Meaningful Use Audit Or Consulting (MUAUDITCONSULT)


Curvature Mips Submission Support (MISPSUBM)


Curvature Ad Hoc Reporting Module (IZENDASETUP)


Curvature Ad Hoc Reporting User License (monthly) (IZENDALICENSE)


Curvature Medication Inventory Management Setup (INVENTORYSETUP)


Curvature Inventory User License (monthly) (INVENTORYLICENSE)


Curvature Hl-7 Orders And Results Interface (HL7 LAB)


Curvature Epcs 1-time Setup Per Provider (EPCSSETUP)


Curvature Monthly Per Provider (EPCS)


Curvature Electronic Fax Monthly Up To 3000 Pages (EFAXTIER3)


Curvature Electronic Fax Monthly Up To 1500 Pages (EFAXTIER2)


Curvature Electronic Fax Monthly Up To 500 Pages (EFAXTIER 1)


Curvature Electronic Fax 1-time Setup Per Line (EFAXSETUP)


Curvature Medical Device Integration (DEVICEINTEG)


Curvature Provider (CREDENTIALING)


Curvature Clinical Data Conversion (CLINDATACONV)


Curvature Call Reminders Up To 3000 Minutes (CALLREMTIER3)


Curvature Call Reminders Up To 1500 Minutes (CALLREMTIER2)