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MY PASSPORT External Solid State Drive, 500 GB, USB 3.2, Gray


MY PASSPORT External Solid State Drive, 2 TB, USB 3.2, Silver


MY PASSPORT External Solid State Drive, 2 TB, USB 3.2, Gold


MY PASSPORT External Solid State Drive, 1 TB, USB 3.2, Silver


MY PASSPORT External Solid State Drive, 1 TB, USB 3.2, Gold


RCA 6 Outlet Swivel Surge Protector, 6 Outlets, 1200 Joules, White (PSWTS6FV)


RCA 3-Outlet Wall Tap, White (PSWT334ACAV)


RCA Three-Outlet Cord Splitter, 18", 13 A, Black (PEXTSQ318ZV)


UT Wire Cable Station 2, 4.75" x 2.75" Gray (UTWCS04GY)


RCA Cord Concealer, 3.15" x 78", Black (RCCMMC78)


RCA Five Channel Cable Holder, 0.75" x 3.35", Black, 3/Pack (RCCMCLMP3)


RCA Cable Management Spiral Wrap, 0.5" x 78", Black (RCCMCCP78V)


RCA Multi Channel Cable Holder, 2" x 2", Black (RCCMC02BKV)


RCA Four Channel Cable Holder Black, 3" x 3", 3/Pack (RCCM4BKV)


RCA Three Channel Cable Holder, 2" x 2", Gray, 4/Pack (RCCM3GYV)


RCA Three Channel Cable Holder, 2" x 2", Black, 4/Pack (RCCM3BKV)


RCA Two Channel Cable Holder, 2" x 2", Black, 6/Pack (RCCM2BKV)


RCA One Channel Cable Holder, 1" x 1", Black, 6/Pack (RCCM1BKV)


RCA Composite Adapter, Black (DHCOMEV)


Lexar microSDHC Memory Card with SD Adapter, UHS-I U1 Class 10, 32 GB (LMI32GBNL633)


JENSEN USB-C Female to USB-A Male Adapter, Blue (JU832ACMV)


JENSEN Portable Phone/Tablet Stand, Black (JPS6V)


JENSEN Metal Foldable Portable Tablet/Phone Stand, White (JPS15V)


JENSEN Foldable Stand with Wireless Charging, Black (JPQS20V)


JENSEN 4-Port USB and Type-C Wall Charger, White (JPCH448ACV)


JENSEN USB/Type C Wall Charger, White (JPCH34ACV)


JENSEN 30 W Type-C and USB Wall Charger, White (JPCH30ACPDV)


JENSEN USB Type C Charger, 18 W, White (JPCH18CPDV)


Home Office SurgeArrest Power Surge Protector, 8 AC Outlets, 6 ft Cord, 2160 J, White


APC BN450M Back-UPS 450 VA Battery Backup System, 6 Outlets, 450 VA, 180 J


Acoustic Research Conference Hub, Black (ARVS10)


CHERRY Headset (JA-2200-2)


QNap Ultra-high Speed 6 Bay Nas. Intel Core I3-1 (TVS-H674-I3-16G-US)


QNap Ultra-high Speed 4 Bay Nas. Intel Pentium G (TVS-H474-PT-8G-US)


QNap 30-bay 4u Rackmount Nas, Intel Xeon E-2378 (TS-H3087XU-RP-E2378-64G-US)


QNap 22-bay 3u Rackmount Nas, Intel Xeon E-2378 (TS-H2287XU-RP-E2378-64G-US)


Is it time to upgrade your office with some new technology? At we have the technology products your office needs to improve productivity and connect your systems. We carry a huge selection of computers and computer accessories, monitors, office machines, audiovisual products, networking accessories, modems, routers and much more.  

Computer Accessories & Hardware

Let’s be honest, It’s 2019, no business can operate without fast, working computers. At we have a huge selection of computer accessories and computer hardware for just about any computer. Spend a lot of time on the computer? We carry a number of great ergonomic mouse and keyboard options that are great for your posture. Work in an office with an open floor plan? We carry various different privacy filters for desktops and laptops of any size. Have multiple devices or peripherals that need to be connected to your computer? We carry a variety of USB hub options that will let you link your tech together without creating a mess of cords and cables. Can’t find the computer accessories or hardware you’re looking for? Give us a call and one of our sales team members will be happy to help.

Computer Cleaning & Maintenance

Keeping your computer, mouse, and keyboard clean is crucial when it comes to maintaining your computer’s performance. Most people don’t realize this, but dust and hair can be extremely detrimental to your computer’s health. We carry compressed air duster options from a variety of brands and available in a variety of different quantities. Having trouble seeing your computer screen through the dust and glare? We have a huge selection of computer cleaning and maintenance supplies including microfiber cleaners, anti-static equipment spray, and screen cleaners that will keep your screens clean and glare-free. We also carry a variety of tools and equipment to help clean and maintain those harder to reach places on your computer.

Networking Accessories & Cables carries all of the networking equipment you need to get your office online and the networking accessories to keep you organized. Need networking cables? We carry a huge selection of ethernet cables, Snagless patch cables, high-performance CAT 6 cables and more. Having trouble getting a wi-fi signal in parts of your office? Sounds like you may need a wi-fi extender. We even carry a large inventory of cord clips and cable ties to keep all of your network cables organized and out of your way. 

Telephones & Telephone Accessories

Like computers, no office is complete without a working telephone. We carry everything from your standard corded phone to business system phones with multiple lines and features. Do you spend a lot of time on the phone for your job? Improve your productivity by freeing up your hands with a pair of noise-canceling headphones or wireless earphones. We also have a number of telephone accessories like answering machines, splitters and shoulder rests that are in stock and ready to ship  

Security & Surveillance

No matter what business you’re in, every office needs to take certain precautions for safety and security. Depending on the business you’re in, the customers you deal with, and a number of other factors, your needs for security and surveillance will vary. At we carry a great selection of HD surveillance cameras, wireless surveillance cameras and HD DVR’s to capture all of your security footage. We also have security cameras available with a wide range of features from a variety of brands, so we are sure to have something that works for your office.