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Union & Scale Essentials Electric Sit-Stand Desk, 55.1" x 27.5" x 25.9" to 51.5", Espresso/Black (24388477)



Bush Enterprise Collection L-Desk Pedestal, 70.13" x 70.13" x 29.75", Mocha Cherry, (Box 1 of 2) (2910MCA103)



Lorell Height-adjustable Mobile Desk (84837)



HON Mod HLPLTBL4296RCT Conference Table Top (TBL4296RTLT1)



HON Mod HLPLTBL3672RCT Conference Table Top (TBL3672RTLT1)



HON Mod HLPLXS72 Worksurface Stiffener (PLXS72B)



HON Mod HLPLXS66 Worksurface Stiffener (PLXS66B)



HON Mod HLPLXS60 Worksurface Stiffener (PLXS60B)



HON Mod HLPLSC3620 Storage Cabinet (PLSC3620LT1)



HON H10734 Hutch (10734CO)



HON H10732 Hutch (10732CO)
HON Build HESN3054E Utility Table (SN3054ENLS1K)



HON Build HESN3054E Utility Table (SN3054ENLM1K)



HON Build HESH3060E Utility Table (SH3060ENLS1K)



HON Build HESH3060E Utility Table (SH3060ENLM1K)



HON Mod HLPLFB24 Bracket



HON Coordinate HHAB3S2L Table Base (HAB3S2LP8L)
HON Coordinate HHABETA2S2L Table Base (HAB2SSVRXUD)



HON Coordinate HHAB2S2L Table Base (HAB2S2LP8L)
HON Preside HTLRA Conference Table Base



HON Mod HLPLLEG30A Worksurface A-Leg (LPLLEG30ASVR)
HON Mod HLPLLEG30A Worksurface A-Leg (LPLLEG30ABLK)
HON Mod HLPLLEG24A Worksurface A-Leg (LPLLEG24ASVR)
HON Mod HLPLLEG24A Worksurface A-Leg (LPLLEG24ABLK)
HON Mod HLPLDS7236B Desk Shell (LDS7236BLT1)



HON Mod HLPLDS7236B Desk Shell (LDS7236BLS1)



HON Mod HLPLDS7230 Desk Shell (LDS7230LT1)



HON Mod HLPLDS7230 Desk Shell (LDS7230LS1)



HON Mod HLPLDS6630 Desk Shell (LDS6630LS1)



HON Mod HLPLDS6030 Desk Shell (LDS6030LS1)



HON Mod HLPLDS4830 Desk Shell (LDS4830LT1)



HON Mod HLPLDS4830 Desk Shell (LDS4830LS1)



HON Mod HLPLDH72 Hutch (LDH72LT1)



HON Mod HLPLDH72 Hutch (LDH72LS1)



HON Mod HLPLDH66 Hutch (LDH66LT1)



Whether you work from home or spend a lot of time at the office, your choice of desk or workstation is very important. You will be using your desk for hours at a time every day for the next several years. 

Your desk should be comfortable, large enough for your needs, have features you like, and be made from a durable material. With that in mind, you still have a lot of options regarding the type of desk.

A hutch desk is generally a smaller desk with multiple levels of shelves and cabinets stacked above the counter area. The hutch isn't ideal if you need a spacious desk; however, it's stacking design makes great use of vertical space. You may even be able to expand your hutch desk with additional stack-on compartments.

A simple pedestal desk is a better solution if you need more counter space. A pedestal desk is often rectangular with a pedestal holding the desk up at each end. For increased functionality, those pedestals may also be small cabinets. This is a very common type of desk because it's simple, reliable, and very practical.

Many desks can be considered hybrids that feature hutch and pedestal design elements. Combining the large working surface of a pedestal desk with the vertical storage capabilities of a hutch desk can turn any room into a high-efficiency home office.

The choice between hutch, pedestal, hybrid, or some other style entirely is one of several choices you'll need to make when choosing your next desk and workstation. Here are some other factors to keep in mind.

Small Office Desks

Space efficiency is going to be a big concern if you're trying to start your home office in an apartment or particularly small room. The previously mentioned hutch desk is a great solution, but it's certainly not your only option. We have several small office desks available in a variety of styles and shapes. Working at an office desk often involves handling paperwork and other supplies. An office desk not only needs adequate workspace but also enough additional compartments and cabinets to keep your papers and desk supplies neatly stored. Finding a small office desk with just the right amount of storage space can be difficult. Luckily, we have a large inventory that makes the process easier.

L-Shaped Desks

Investing in an L-shaped desk is another smart way to take advantage of your available space. With a traditional desk, you're limited by the length of the wall where you are placing the desk. An L-shaped desk is designed to wrap around the corner and continue along a perpendicular wall. It essentially allows you to double the maximum length of your desk. It also happens to look pretty stylish.

Executive Desks

What if space isn't a big issue? If you want to design a sophisticated home office that looks like it came out of a catalog, then you're going to want an executive desk. These are generally very large and made from solid wood. They are variations of the traditional pedestal desk with drawers on both ends and across the bottom of the counter area. An executive desk is stylish, offers plenty of space, and will last for a very long time.

Desk Accessories

Accessories can help you take full potential of your desk and workstation. Accessories can add additional space, such as stack-on cabinets or shelves. They can also provide a storage area with drawers or cabinets. Accessories may go on top of the desk, beneath it, or even attach to the sides. Investing in the right accessories can turn a boring desk into an incredible workstation.