Masks are now more important than ever!

KN95 Face Masks

As America starts opening up and many states move into Phase 1 of the government's rollout, we know that protecting yourself with masks in public settings, to ensure you avoid the COVID-19 virus, is crucial. The CDC is also recommending face coverings in any sort of social setting which is why we are making sure to provide you with the best possible KN95 masks to protect yourself, your loved ones, your employees, etc. Many hospitals are only able to accept N95 Masks, which is why we are able to supply our customers with KN95 masks which are very similar to the N95s and also approved by the CDC. In fact, the KN95 masks are the governments backup plan to the N95 masks in case they do fall into an emergency situation where they run out of N95s.

How should your mask fit?

It is important that you find a mask that fits your face comfortably. It need to cover your mouth and nose to ensure you do not transmit or contract the virus. You need to make sure it is correctly positioned on your face. It should mold your nose and cheeks to give a good seal. If the seal is broken, the mask could be compromised. Many masks are not covering the nose area. Covering your nose is critical to prevent transmission of the virus. With the KN95 masks, you can be assured that you have a comfortable tight seal over your nose and mouth. This gives you peace of mind to be out and feel safe and comfortable at the same time.

You need masks today to protect your family. Masks are now going to be a way of life for the foreseeable future. Buy a box which includes 50 disposable KN95 masks to protect your family for the long run. You know you want the best masks to protect your loved ones and we know that we are going to need them for a while. So buy them today and save to ensure you never run out. You will never have to worry about a shortage of this essential item if you buy them in bulk today! You need them for the supermarket. As retail stores open, you will need to wear masks to ensure your safety. You’ll need them to go to movies, museums, and other various activities.

Buy a box and share masks with friends. Our KN95 masks come in bulk orders of 50 in a box. Team up with another family and buy them together to save costs but ensure you, your friends and family are all protected with the best possible masks available to non hospital employees. If you buy with another family you will have peace of mind that, when if it safe to have socially distant gatherings with your friends and family, you will know that your friends are also protected with the best possible face mask, the KN95.

Buy masks in bulk to protect your office. The governments goal is to get America up and running again. But it is important to protect your employees from this virus. To make sure that your employees are not contracting and spreading this novel virus, protect them with the best possible masks available. These KN95 masks are the best possible purchase. Buy them in bulk today to make sure to keep your office productivity up and your employees healthy and safe! When you supply your office with these KN95s, you will ensure everyone in your work place is protected. Your employees will feel better knowing that you are looking out for their safety.

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