We all know what it’s like to look below our desk and see what seems like dozens of cables and cords going in all different directions. If you’ve experienced this, chances are good that a good desk cable management plan can help you get rid of those cords so they’ll at least look neater and be easier to manage. If you think having cords going everywhere is potentially dangerous, you are absolutely right, but fortunately, taking care of the situation doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you use the following cable management tips:

Make Sure You Label Everything Properly

Under desk cable management plans usually start with labeling everything so that you know which wire or cable goes where. Your cables and wires need to be labeled before you start moving them around, and cable labels are both easy to find and inexpensive. There are all types of these labels, and they make identifying each cable and wire a lot easier to do.

If you take a good look at your power strip, chances are good you’ll just see a variety of black plugs and you likely won’t remember where they start. No computer desk cable management plan will work if you don’t label the wires and cables, so this should always be the first thing you do when you’re looking for the right cable management solutions.

Tie up the Cables Whenever Possible

Tying up cables and cords not only keeps them better organized, but it can also prevent the cords from getting tangled up in other cords, creating a mess that you’ll likely find difficult to remedy. Cable clips and cable ties work great for this purpose, and nylon zip ties often come in various colors, allowing you to color-code the cables for even better floor cable management. 

In addition to the nylon zip ties, Velcro also makes several products for the management of your cable wires, and their big advantage is that they are reusable. This makes them the perfect solution when your cable management ideas have to accommodate the possibility that you may be changing the cords up because you’re buying new equipment or getting rid of old equipment.

Another idea is to purchase a cable clamp or cable clip, which usually consists of a large clip that bundles several cords together and allows them to be moved easily and quickly whenever you need to. 

Hide Your Cables and Cords

There are numerous ways to hide cords and cables, and one of the most common is with a set of cord covers, which are usually self-adhesive and come in various widths and lengths. You can also choose cable sleeves, and these are efficient because cable sleeving systems can be placed near the floor, behind your computer, or in many other out-of-the-way locations that will easily hide the cords and cables.

Of course, if you don’t want anything that you have to pay for, you can choose some easy DIY tools, including old shoe or photo boxes, foam insulation, or even empty paper towel tubes. Hiding cords and cables is a lot easier than you think, and a quick Internet search can connect you with dozens of online stores that provide all of the products you need for expert below your desk or in-wall cable management projects. Indeed, there are numerous products that can help you hide your cables and cords, meaning they’ll also be a lot easier to manage.

Try to Use Flat Cables Whenever Possible

A good cable management sleeve or cover is a big plus for cords you already have, but if you’re just starting to get everything set up and you’re not yet at the point where you’re trying to hide your cords and cables, you should try to use flat cables whenever possible. These flat cords are made for many uses, including computers and television sets, and they are much easier to keep organized and out of the way than thick, braided cords and cables.

Flat cables can also be grouped together in large numbers and still take up very little room. They are easier to maneuver all the way around, so using flat cables and cords whenever you can is never a bad idea.

Get Started Early

Okay, maybe this tip should’ve been mentioned first, but the sooner you get started with managing the cables and cords around your television set or computer, the easier it is going to be for you. One of the best ways to do this is to separate cables according to their use, then group them together accordingly. Look at the space you have available, and measure that space, so that you will know just what you need before you just start plugging things in and organizing the wall or floor space.

You can fold smaller cables to make them even lengths, as well as decide which pieces will go to similar locations and which pieces you’ll want to hide behind the case. If you already have your organizing products – such as zip ties or color-coded Velcro systems – you can use these as you sort out the system and decide which product you want to go where. This doesn’t mean you have to get started early, but it definitely makes your cable management plans a lot easier when you do.

Use a Rack System When You Have a Lot of Cables and Cords

A good rack cable management system is perfect when you have a lot of cables and cords because they are usually around 20” tall and make it super-easy to organize and label all of those cables. They are good for monitors, tower units, and a lot of other equipment, and they are lightweight enough to move from one location to another should you ever need to do this.

Good cable and cord management systems come in a variety of designs and styles and, therefore, it should be very easy for you to get just what you need to make the area around your computer station neat, well-organized, and easy to adjust whenever it comes time to do so.

Teacher Adult Coloring Book

Ever since the national PTA decided to devote a full week to teacher appreciation, both students and parents have been trying to come up with the best teacher appreciation gift ideas, and the companies that come up with gifts for this special day are continuously coming up with newer and better gifts every year. One of those is an adult coloring book made just for teachers, and it is both funny and applicable.

Truly a gift that will appeal to all teachers, especially those in the public schools, it is perfect for helping teachers relax and relieve stress at the end of a hard day, and its low price makes it affordable if you have more than one teacher to buy for this Teacher Appreciation Day.

Aromatherapy Eye Pillow

Instead of getting your favorite teacher a bland gift card, why not shower her with a relaxing eye pillow made with real lavender? Tucked inside of this beautiful eye pillow, which comes in nine different colors, is real lavender and flaxseed, allowing her to instantly relax while enjoying the pillow’s soft silky feel. The pillow can be used either warm or cold, and its just-right pressure allows for a blissful experience every time it’s used.

If you want a truly unique idea for showing a teacher how much you care, this is it.

Notepad and Pen Set

Let’s face it, all teachers need paper and pens, so while you’re reviewing all of the teacher appreciation ideas out there, consider giving her a notepad and pen set that is perfect for jotting down notes any time. Complete with a black pen tied in an attractive red ribbon, the paper says “Teacher’s Notes” at the top and is gift-ready, so all you have to do is hand the set to your favorite teacher.

This is a great gift to give any teacher not just on teacher appreciation day, but any other time of the year as well. It is both fun and practical, and any teacher would be happy to have it.

Grip/Stand for Phones and Tablets

This handy little device is perfect for all teachers because it can make using tablets and cell phones a lot easier, and it even comes with the saying “Queen of the Classroom” written across the top. When you’re shopping for the perfect teacher’s gift, don’t forget that teachers love their cell phones and tablets just as much as anyone else, so this is the perfect gift for any teacher on your list.

This is also a collapsible grip device that makes it super-easy to take group shots, watch videos, or take selfies, making it a very valuable gift for both teachers and students alike.

Colorful Teacher’s Keychain

So, just when is teacher appreciation week? In 2020, that week falls May 4 through May 8, but just because it falls near the end of the school year doesn’t mean you should wait until the last minute to find the perfect teacher’s gift. If you want a gift that is practical, but unique, this colorful keychain is just right. Adorned with the phrase, “thank you for helping me grow and learn,” it has a bright-red apple highlighted with a green leaf, making it eye-catching as well as useful.

Let’s face it, everyone needs a keychain, and this gorgeous keychain will definitely show your favorite teacher how much you appreciate them. In addition, its low price means you can buy more than one for all of the teachers you love.

Wooden Cup with Pad and Pencil

The perfect gift for any teacher you want to honor during Teacher Appreciation Week 2020, the solid-black cup has a bright-red apple on it with the words “#1 Teacher” sprinkled across it, and it comes complete with a pad of paper and a black pen wrapped in a lovely white ribbon. Best of all, the teacher can use the cup after the pad and pen are both gone, making it one gift that will last a long time.

Designed specifically for teachers of all grade levels, this gift is both attractive and very practical, which means your special teacher is going to love it.

Teacher’s Sippy Cup

Shaped like the top part of a wine glass, this teal-colored cup has the words “teacher’s sippy cup” printed in white letters and holds a full 12 oz. of your teacher’s favorite drink. It even comes with a clear press-on lid to make it easier to store away when it’s not being used, and it is made with unbreakable stainless steel both inside and out.

Sturdy and practical, not to mention fun, this is one gift your favorite teacher will always appreciate, both in and out of the classroom.

Bookmarks for Teachers



When you want to honor that special teacher during PTA Teacher Appreciation Week, a bookmark is the perfect gift. After all, what teacher doesn’t love to read? Having lots of books means needing lots of bookmarks, and these bookmarks come in nine different designs so that you can choose one for each of the teachers on your list. 

The sayings include things such as “a good teacher is hard to find and impossible to forget,” and “the influence of a good teacher can never be erased,” so you can easily find one that sums up perfectly the feelings you have for that special teacher.

Teacher’s Anxiety Journal

Any national teacher day or week can be made even brighter for that special teacher with a journal that helps him or her relieve anxiety and stress, which all teachers have. Entitled “Cultivating Calm: An Anxiety Journal,” the book isn’t just for scribbling in, but also comes complete with a number of exercises that the user can complete to get rid of stress and negative feelings. 

With strategies, writing prompts, and even meditations, this is an invaluable book that people will both love and learn from, and it even includes things that can cause stress in a person’s life, such as clutter, finances, and certain social situations, and helps you learn to deal with them properly.

8-Piece Cosmetic Bag Set

If you need more than a few gifts for the teachers in your child’s life, this set is just what you’re looking for. These 6” x 9” bags are perfect for storing makeup, pencils, cell phones, or anything else that people want with them when they leave the house. They each say “best teacher ever” and come in an off-white color with brightly colored letters and designs on them. 

The set of eight bags makes them perfect for teachers, aides, and even principals, and they are also strong bags that are made to last and come with a durable zipper that secures everything inside properly every time.

A Hand Written Note

If you’re on a budget or don’t know what to get for your teacher, you can’t go wrong with a handwritten letter or note with a personal message about how much you appreciate your teacher. Mention a specific thing your teacher has done to make your classroom experience more enjoyable and you can really brighten your teacher’s day. Sometimes it’s really the thought that counts, so as long as you remember to give a heartfelt thank you to your teacher, they will know they are appreciated.