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13 May 2021

The 5 Best Germicidal Bleach Products

Dirt, grime, toxic fumes, bacteria, viruses, and any other irritant can expose you to germs that are part of daily life. Some germs put people at great risk, and contaminants like the novel coronavirus will not disappear with general disinfecting Walmart-style chlorine bleach cleaners. However, you can kill the germs at home or in commercial … Continue reading “The 5 Best Germicidal Bleach Products” ...
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28 October 2020

How to Make Hand Sanitizer

As the world continues to face a dangerous pandemic, the popularity of cleaning and disinfectant products is soaring. One product that most people have in their bags and pockets is hand sanitizer. Even though you can find many sanitizer options on the shelves, many people looking for more control over quality are interested in how … Continue reading “How to Make Hand Sanitizer” ...
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18 October 2020

The Best Air Purifier for Smoke

Air purifiers are becoming increasingly popular as people start to worry more and more about their respiratory health. They are excellent at removing allergens like pet hair and dander, making them essential for people with allergies or asthma. However, one of the more common uses for air purifiers is to remove traces of smoke. If … Continue reading “The Best Air Purifier for Smoke” ...
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13 October 2020

Best Carpet Cleaner Options For 2021

Carpets are magnets for all sorts of dirt and dust. Unlike wooden or tile floors, you can’t simply sweep your carpet and hope for the best. The only way to get a clean carpet is to use the best carpet cleaner product. The best home carpet cleaner depends on your needs and preferences. Some people … Continue reading “Best Carpet Cleaner Options For 2021” ...
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