The average American home has 11 gadgets in it — typically smartphones, tablets, fitness trackers, and smartwatches. These gadgets have burdened us with the need for multiple chargers to keep them running.

When using an individual charger — the one that comes with each device when you buy it — you realize that they all fill multiple outlets if you try to charge them all at once. Of course, you can always buy a power strip and plug all of your chargers into that. However, this solution is often bulky and inefficient especially since each charger runs a separate AC to DC transformer.

What Is a USB Charging Station?

Manufacturers have invented a far more elegant solution that reduces clutter, provides more efficiency, and allows for better use of outlet space. The answer to all these problems is the USB charging station.

Through a USB charging station, you can use a single power outlet for one transformer to supply power to four or more USB ports. If you want to put all of your chargers in one organized place, then buying a multi-port USB charging station is the way to go.

The more advanced models offer USB-C and Quick Charging ports. Meanwhile, others use smart, fast-charging technology that adapts to the device that you plug into it.

When deciding to purchase a USB charging station, it is vital to consider some of the technical specifications before doing so. The main specs you should look into are the voltage, amperage, and wattage.


The first specification you need to consider is the voltage of your desired USB charging station. A volt is a unit used in measuring electrical voltage. Many USB charging stations provide a voltage of 5V, but the faster-charging stations can reach as high as 20V.


The next specification to look into is the amperage of your charging station. This amount measures the current intensity of a device and is measured in amps. Amperage is the maximum intensity of the power that can be provided during charging. The newer and faster-charging technologies let the intensity adapt to the amperage of a device.


Lastly, you want to check out the wattage of your charging station. This unit is used in measuring the overall power rating. To power or charge several devices at the same time, the charging station has to have a higher wattage to ensure that sufficient amperage is provided to the devices attached.

Pros & Cons of USB Charging Stations


There are many benefits of using USB Charging stations. For one, USB chargers reduce your needs to just one outlet. This means that you have more open outlets if needed, and it cuts down on overall clutter associated with charging. No more trying to figure out which wire is plugged into which outlet — they’re all in one space!

Furthermore, a USB charging station is more energy efficient. It allows for one outlet from a charging station to power multiple USB ports. This also means that you can charge your devices faster since it is possible to charge more than one USB-powered device.

Finally, USB charging stations are versatile, letting you charge almost any electronic device.


Of course, there are always drawbacks to any solution. For example,  with USB charging stations there is the risk of overheating or overloading especially when many devices are connected at once. They are also susceptible to being loaded with malware. However, these two side effects can be addressed with caution and proper safety measures.

Our Favorite USB Charging Stations

With the growing popularity of USB charging stations, we’ve selected five of our favorite options in the market. They’re each unique, with details that make them our top choices in each category.

UV Cleaning & Charging Station

UV Cleaning & Charging Station

This mobile charging station manufactured by Tripp Lite offers 120V with AC charging, cord management, secure storage, and surface sanitation. It can accommodate as many as 32 laptops and Chrome books with screen sizes up to 15 inches.

The AC adapters of connected devices are compatible with 32 NEMA 5-15R outlets to allow charging. This charging station comes with a built-in circuit breaker that protects all of the connected devices in case of overload. Its design is recommended for healthcare facilities, businesses, classrooms, restaurants, hotels, government agencies, and other establishments that use mobile devices regularly.

This charging station uses UV rays to help eliminate germs on laptops, Chrome books, and tablets. Both its interior and exterior surfaces, as well as the handle, are protected using a patented antimicrobial powder coating that is FDA-compliant and EPA-registered. Made with heavy-duty steel, the charging cart provides safe and secure storage for multiple devices.

Portable Charging Stations

Portable Charging Stations

For portable charging stations, we’ve selected this model from ChargeTech. With its 11,500 mAh internal battery, this phone charging station can be installed in your home or business to let your guests charge their mobile devices conveniently.

The charging station has customizable signs, so you can use it as an advertising platform for your events and sponsorships. Its 12-inch retractable cables allow you to avoid clutter and tangling, which are prevalent with these types of stations.

Being compatible with most devices, this portable charging station from ChargeTech provides you with full-speed charging for your iPhone, Android phone, GoPro cameras, and Amazon Kindles. Your guests can even use their USB charging cables with the station.

Additionally, the charging station comes with two Apple lightning cables intended for the iPhone 5 and newer devices. You can also find two micro USB cables for Android and one type-c cable.

Charging Locker Stations

Charging Locker Stations

Our favorite charging locker station is another product manufactured by ChargeTech. This eight-locking bay video charging locker lets you store your devices safely while being charged.

Each one of its bays has enough space to hold keys, wallets, cameras, and other items. A built-in voice assistant will guide users when storing and retrieving devices to avoid confusion. It also has a pin-code keypad which avoids key losses.

When you plug a USB or hard drive into its screen, you can display an image or video advertisement to your users as they store and charge their gadgets. Each locker bay provides you with two cables. One is a combination of Apple lightning and a micro USB for Android, and the other is for Type-C devices.

The durability of its industrial-grade materials ensures that your charging locker is safe from theft and abuse. You can use this video charging locker with the ChargeTech Floor Stand which is sold separately.

Wireless Floor Stand Chargers

Wireless Floor Stand Chargers

This floor stand power station provides users with a simple way to increase foot traffic while improving guest satisfaction. It comes with two Qi wireless charging pads that let users set the compatible device directly using the pad so they can charge their devices immediately even without plugging in.

Its industrial-grade cables provide you with a range of connectivity choices that can accommodate a wide selection of gadgets. Meanwhile, its 2.4-amp charging can provide you with sufficient power to charge phones and tablets at maximum speed.

The floor stand power station has LED lighting that you can customize to match a specific environment and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The USB charging station is ideal for any industry including entertainment, healthcare, hospitality, retail, education, trade shows, and more.

Charging Table Station

Charging Table Station

With regards to charging table stations, we have chosen this floor stand charging station that provides six tamperproof and industrial-grade braided charging cables. It offers a wireless charging pad that provides your business with a charging solution for various needs.

Its fast-charging capability lets you quickly power up devices to replenish gadgets without having to wait for a long time. Meanwhile, its industrial-grade durability ensures that the product can last for many years

The charging table station is compatible with all wireless and mobile devices. It comes with fast charging capability and a Qi wireless charging pad for newer devices. Do keep in mind that you will need to assemble the device first before you can use it.