Finding the right technology requires research and a clear understanding of what programs are best for professional or personal demands. Calculators remain in the top-tier of modern trends, as both workers and businesses have to resort to these devices on a dime when the long-lost, skilled mathematics brain just isn’t what it used to be. If you often find yourself computing numbers and figures in your day to day life, this list of the best scientific calculators of the new decade can be of use to you.

Scientific calculators have an edge above the rest, whether you’re a binary thinker or not. Each model has loads of options to choose from, especially if most of the important work can be accomplished with an affordable scientific calculator that completes tasks beneficial to your requisites. Accessing the features of each is an elaborate experience, therefore it’s essential to check with the manual and how-to guide prior to selection.

The Top 10 Scientific Calculators in 2020

Each one of these selections is designed to solve math, engineering, and science problems, as well as trigonometry, logarithm, and probability problems. If you’re a student, an engineer, or a medical professional in search of the highest quality scientific calculators that provide the most bang for your buck, consider one of the following:

Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro Engineering/Scientific Calculator

A model that features a Multi-View display showing four lines (versus the one or two lines with other standard models) and several calculations on the screen at the exact same time. Depending on the type of equation you have to enter, the TI-36X has a mode menu that consists of math expressions, symbols, and fractions appearing on screen the same as they do in a textbook. A top pick for high school and college students studying algebra, trigonometry, geometry, calculus, statistics, and biology. A model that is solar-powered that includes an internal backup battery if needed.

Casio FX-115ES Plus

More than 280 functions and 40 metric conversions are included in this scientific calculator, as every expression and result available for your viewing appears on screen exactly as they do in the textbook. A multi-replay function is the best overall feature, one that toggles back and forth through previous calculations in a step-by-step manner to allow you editing capabilities without losing any entries and to fix errors. Also available with this professional scientific calculator is a slide-off protection cover.

HP 35s Scientific Calculator

A great option for engineers, surveyors, medical professionals, scientists, and college students, the HP35s is the only one on the market that allows you to choose between reverse Polish notation (RPN) or algebraic entry-system logic. This model delivers professional performance and flexibility, has 30K of memory with 800 memory registers, and is completely programmable with more than 100 built-in functions. It also includes a premium carrying case.

Sharp EL-501X2 Scientific Calculator

Most Sharp calculators have an incredibly user-friendly display feature that produces large screens to avoid ruining your vision. The EL-501X2 has 131 essential functions making calculations fast and simple. A battery-powered calculator that includes constant calculations, independent memory, chain calculation, and more features listed in Sharp’s guidebook. It comes with a hard case to protect the keys and displays for safe transportation and storage.

Texas Instruments Nspire CX CAS Graphing Calculator

As one of the top-rated scientific calculators on the market, the Nspire CX CAS outperforms with its vast array of computations that can be done quickly and accurately. It has the capability to carry out algebraic equation solving, expands variable expressions, and factors in solutions in irrational forms. Most middle school and college students who want to satisfy science and math curriculum requirements find this model’s use of graphical expressions and hands-on learning tools to be the best. It also comes with a rechargeable battery you can use for two weeks on a single charge.

Casio FX-260 Solar Scientific Calculator

As an entry-level scientific calculator that’s also extremely affordable, this model is lightweight, compact, and easy to carry. Middle school and early high school math students find the 144 functions, including fraction calculation, logarithms, exponents, and trigonometry display to be of great use when erasing mistakes and starting over. The FX-260 comes with a slide-on hard case to protect the screens and keys when not in use. It is solar-powered and includes a backup battery.

Sharp EL-760RBBL Desktop Calculator


A very affordable scientific calculator that features an extra-large LCD, allowing easy viewing and the prevention of reading errors. Other features include its size and ability to go anywhere due to the compactness of this device. The keys are extra large for better calculations and offers automatic tax keys, a percent key, square roots, and a twin-power operation for consistency and reliability. The EL-760RBBL is an eight-digit calculator model that also has automatic power down for convenience and prevention of wasteful battery consumption.

Texas Instruments TI-34 Scientific Calculator

The TI-34 possesses a four-line display that enhances user ability and is easier for edits on all types of mathematical and scientific calculations. The menu is similar to a graphing calculator and yet extracts lists making it simpler for you to grasp the variety of functions within the calculator itself. You can also view fraction calculations and explorations in textbook format. A model that’s been at the top of Texas Instrument’s ‘best’ list for many years.

Casio FX-300 Scientific Calculator

As a model that can be used at both the professional and student level, the FX-300 is extremely durable and versatile. With a bright LCD display screen for excellent visibility, and other features that include a multi-relay function allowing you to backtrack calculations with the nine fixed memory. Having this device would give you the ability to learn 240 different functionalities. A scientific calculator that helps millions of students pass exams they would have otherwise failed.

HP 12C Platinum Calculator

A scientific calculator with an updated version of the historically renowned model HP, this device is equipped with every tool to navigate complex financial data. It is not intended for classroom use yet offers up to 400 keystrokes of macro recording. Specifically used by accountants for its exceptional durability and build quality. Using the reverse Polish notation format (RPN), accountants find the HP12C extremely user-friendly and adaptable to their needs.

In Summary

Choosing a scientific calculator, a professional calculator, and an affordable scientific calculator requires an extensive understanding of built-in functions and how these can translate to your everyday school or business needs. Having a lack of proper tools for mathematics and financial data is the difference between success and failure.

Know your limits. Be able to calculate derivatives and integrals. Solve equations on a higher level. Find the unknowns in a complex equation using the most topnotch powers that a scientific calculator can provide.

The benefits far outweigh whatever dilemma you’re facing with numbers and algorithms. Always check the manual and be prepared for a WOW factor when you’ve made your scientific calculator choice.