No one can dispute the fact that wireless products make our lives more convenient. After all, using a wireless keyboard or mouse, or even wireless headphones, makes life easier in a multitude of ways. There will be no awkward wiring and a much better way to move from one place to another while still being able to enjoy the products. Although some people are not convinced that wireless products are high in quality and work well, people who do use them know otherwise.

When cell phones first came out, they certainly looked differently and worked differently than they do today. In fact, some of the first “mobile” phones were actually car phones and they were attached to your vehicle with wires or cords. Therefore, you could only use the phone while you were in the vehicle and couldn’t talk to anyone once you left your car.

Nowadays, just about everything is available in wireless versions, from headphones to the Internet and much more. Although many of these items provided inconsistent and sometimes choppy service in the past, this is no longer the case. Even wireless headphones work amazingly and give you crisp, clear service that will make you surprised that there aren’t wires attached to them.

Wireless communication works because it is done over the air. It involves the electromagnetic transfer of information between two or more points that don’t use an electrical conductor to connect. Wireless technology usually uses radio waves and is great for those types of communication where the use of wires is either impractical or just plain impossible. Some of the many examples of wireless devices include GPS devices, satellite television sets, cordless telephones, and personal digital assistants, or PDAs.

The Benefits of Going Wireless

Deciding between wired and wireless items is actually a simple thing to do, especially once you learn a few of the many advantages of going wireless. These include:

Increased mobility: This is perhaps the biggest advantage because you can walk around without having cords or wires near your body to make things difficult to move.

Less maintenance: Wireless devices are usually low-maintenance and rarely break or become damaged while you’re using them.

Lower cost of installation: When you’re not having to install wires and cords, it’s naturally going to cost less for the installation to take place. This can save you money when a wireless system is being installed in your home.

More flexibility: If you’re using a mobile phone, for example, you can receive and install updates without having to plug it in, which makes the process much less complicated.

In nearly every way, choosing wireless technology over wired is going to be beneficial. If you’re curious about which devices prove that wireless technology is advantageous, below are eight items that come wireless and always greatly simplify your life:

Wireless Computer Mouse

A wireless computer mouse can come in any of several dozen designs but because they are wireless, they are always super easy to use. They are usually ergonomically designed and therefore won’t cause you any hand or wrist pain. They are made by numerous companies known for their high-quality products, such as Kodak and Microsoft.

Wireless mice can often be utilized by several different computer operating systems and some even have a detachable trackball. Usually operated with a AA or AAA battery, these devices give you the freedom to use your computer without having to worry about cords or wires getting tangled up in your hand while you’re maneuvering around from site to site.

Best of all, a wireless mouse is usually very inexpensive, often costing around $10 or even less.

WiFi Local Area Network (LAN)

A wireless local area network allows several devices to be connected to one another and also to peripherals and even the Internet without the use of wires and cords. In both homes and public hotspot areas, WiFi is frequently used and is so common today that most people wonder how society ever lived without it.

Although some businesses charge their customers a fee to use their WiFi, many other businesses offer it for free. Indeed, most people are used to using various WiFi connections throughout the day and not paying a penny for the service. Although you have to be careful when sharing information over WiFi because it isn’t always 100% secure, most people find this attribute is not enough to stop using WiFi altogether.

And by the way, WiFi stands for wireless fidelity, in case you were wondering!

Mobile (Cell) Phones

Although they’ve been around a relatively short period of time, cell phones are becoming a must in today’s society. Everyone lives a busy life; therefore, we all need these phones to stay in touch with one another. Cell phones save a lot of time and even money in some instances. They also certainly make getting around from place to place a lot easier, thanks to their GPS capabilities.

Cell phones work through a radio frequency link and can support numerous invaluable services, including text messaging, email, games, and Internet access, to name a few. Indeed, there is little that we cannot do on our cell phones these days, which is why they have become so important in our lives.

Wireless Peripherals

Peripheral devices can now be connected wirelessly, such as through a WiFi network or even directly when connected to a radio-frequency (RF) or optical peripheral interface. It is amazing to think that at one time, computers, mice, and keyboards had to be connected with wires and it is good to know that that is no longer the case. RF interfaces include wireless USB and Bluetooth and they usually allow the devices to be up to 10 feet away from one another and still connect and work properly.

Once again, concerns about the security of these wireless peripherals still exist but most people now know that increasing security is only a matter of being more careful with your shared information while using these devices.

Wireless Printers

There’s no doubt that wireless printers make life easier. They are usually operated via either WiFi, Bluetooth, near-field communication (NFC), cloud, or personal area network (PAN). One of the biggest advantages of using a wireless printer is that it can print from a computer, tablet, or mobile phone in addition to any device that is located in another room.

Wireless printing is fast and incredibly convenient. Since wireless printers are now so inexpensive to purchase, it is no longer uncommon to see these printers in both homes and businesses because everyone seems to be using them.

Wireless Keyboards

At one time or another, most people nowadays opt for a wireless keyboard and there is little wonder why. There are many types of wireless keyboards and they work with the help of infrared (IR), radio-frequency (RF), or Bluetooth technology. They are easy to operate even for people who are not tech-savvy and they can also be used with tablets, smartphones, and similar devices.

Wireless keyboards come in many different types including slim keyboards, keyboards with touchpads, portable keyboards with or without a stand, foldable and roll-up keyboards, and, of course, keyboards that are a standard size. They are usually set up in minutes; best of all, they can be used with numerous operating systems including iOS, Android, and Windows, among others.

Wireless Speakers

Just as with other wireless devices, wireless speakers need two parts in order to work properly. This includes the receiver and the transmitter unit, both of which work using RF technology on a speaker. When set up correctly, they can be attached to MP3 players, television sets, computers, and many others. If you’ve ever owned a baby monitor, you’ve experienced what it’s like to use a wireless speaker.

Most wireless speakers can operate within 150 to 300 feet from the transmitter unit, which makes devices such as baby monitors so valuable. Most wireless speakers use a frequency of 900 MHz and it is so advanced that the devices no longer have to be close to one another in order to work right. This is why you can take your baby monitor outside and still hear when your baby is crying.

Wireless Earphones

Usually used with either radio or infrared frequency, wireless headphones come in all different sizes and designs. They’re great when you’re trying to listen to music or a television show and the room you’re in is a little noisy. In fact, wireless earphones are very advanced these days, making them perfect whether you’re playing games on your computer or listening to music as you relax and read. High-end wireless earbuds like Apple AirPods even take advantage of wireless chargers to make it even more convenient to keep these gadgets charged and ready to go.

You can get the earbud type of earphones or the kind that completely covers your ears and they are becoming more and more advanced every year, which means that you’re guaranteed to love the earphones that you get regardless of why you’re buying them in the first place.