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Invitrix Chime Support And Maintenance (CHSERVQUEMNT)


Invitrix Chime Lync Server Maintenance (CHLYNSERV1MNT)


Invitrix Instant Imtegrity Maintenance 501-1000 I (IMUSERV5M3)


Invitrix Imtegrity Server Support And Maintenance (IMSTSERV5MAINT)


Invitrix Hr Support 201-400 Im Users, 5 Viewers (HRAUSERV1A5M2)


Invitrix Hra Alamo Subs 3000 Im Users & 5 Av (HRASUBSALAMO)


Invitrix Support For 7,501-8,000 Im User 5 View (HRAUSERV1A5M19)


Invitrix Buddy List Server License Maintenance (BKAV1MAINT)