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Acuant Idscan Software With Twain Activation (IDSCOSDKSW)


Acuant Medicscan Twain License Key - Ecw (ECWOCRACTIVATION)


Acuant Idscan Sdk Maintenance For Ecw (ECWMAINTENANCE)


Acuant Twain License Key (SWOCRACTIVATION)


Acuant Medic Scan Ocr Sw Only For Ecw (MEDSCOSWECW)


Acuant Medicscan Ocr Software Only (MEDSC0SW)


Acuant Idscan Ocr Software Only (IDSCOSW)


Acuant Professional Global Library (ASSUREIDCOMMERCIAL)


Acuant Professional Global Library (ASSUREID COMMERCIAL - PROFESSI)


Acuant Locally Installed Ocr/data Extraction Software For Use With Drivers License Scanning Hardware (ASSUREIDDATA CAPTURE)


Acuant Idscan Software Only (IDSCSW)