NEC Tiltwallmount For Large Format Displays (WMK-3298T)

Model: WMK3298T
Small Package; Eligible for UPS Shipping
NEC Tiltwallmount For Large Format Displays (WMK-3298T)

NEC Tiltwallmount For Large Format Displays (WMK-3298T)

Model: WMK3298T
Small Package; Eligible for UPS Shipping

Product Description

Tilt Wall Mount for large format displays Portrait or landscape.Mount depth 2.99 inch Landscape tilt max 15 Portrait tilt max 9 Compatible with displays under 210lbs and VESA 200x200 up to 400x400.Recommended display sizes 32-98

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Product Type: Mount
Compatible Product Models: C431, C431-R, C501, C501-R, C551, C551-R, C651Q, C651Q-AVT2, C651Q-AVT2-R, C651Q-R, C751Q-AVT2, C751Q-AVT2-R, C751Q-R, C861Q, C861Q-AVT2, C861Q-AVT2-R, C861Q-R, C981Q, C981Q-AVT2, C981Q-AVT2-R, C981Q-R, E327, E327-R, E437Q, E437Q-R, 507Q, E507Q-R, E557Q, E557Q-R, E657Q, E657Q-R, E905, E905-AVT, E905-AVT2, E905-AVT2-R, E905-AVT-R, E905-PC2, E905-PC3, E905-R, EX341R, EX341R-BK, EX341R-BK-R, EX341R-BK-SV, EX341R-BK-SV-R, EX341R-R, IB554Q-2.1, IB654Q-2.1, IB754Q-2.1, IB864Q-2.1, P404, P404-AVT2, P404-AVT2-R, P404-PC3, P404-R, P484, P484-AVT2, P484-AVT2-R, P484-PC3, P484-R, P554, P554-AVT2, P554-AVT2-R, P554-PC3, P554-R, P703, P703-AVT, P703-AVT-R, P703-DRD, P703-PC, P703-PC2, P703-R, UN462A, UN462A-R, UN462A-TMX4P, UN462A-TMX9P, UN462VA, UN462VA-R, UN462VA-TMX4P, UN462VA-TMX9P, UN492S, UN492S-R, UN492S-TMX4P, UN492S-TMX9P, UN492VS, UN492VS-R, UN492VS-TMX4P, UN492VS-TMX9P, UN551S, UN551S-R, UN551S-TMX4P, UN551S-TMX9P, UN551VS, UN551VS-R, UN551VS-TMX4P, UN551VS-TMX9P, UN552, UN552-R, UN552S, UN552S-R, UN552S-TMX4P, UN552S-TMX9P, UN552-TMX4P, UN552-TMX9P, UN552V, UN552V-R, UN552VS, UN552VS-R, UN552VS-TMX4P, UN552VS-TMX9P, UN552V-TMX4P, UN552V-TMX9P, V323, V323-2, V323-2-AVT, V323-2-AVT-R, V323-2-DRD, V323-2-PC, V323-2-PC2, V323-2-R, V323-3, V323-3-AVT2, V323-AVT, V323-AVT-R, V323-DRD, V323-PC, V323-R, V404, V484, V554, V554Q, V554Q-R, V654Q, V654Q-R, V754Q, V864Q
Service & Support Type: 3 years warranty

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