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Alera Lamps

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Alera Torchier Floor Lamp, 12.5w x 12.5d x 72h, Matte Black (LMPF52B)


Alera Architect Lamp, Adjustable, Clamp-on, 6.75w x 20d x 28h, Black (LMP702B)


Alera Traditional Banker's Lamp, Green Glass Shade, 10.5w x 11d x 13h, Antique Brass (LMP557AB)


Alera Traditional Banker's Lamp with USB, 10w x 10d x 15h, Antique Brass (LMP517AB)


Alera Under Cabinet LED Strip Lamp, 24w x 2d x 2.88h, Black (LEDUC24B)


Alera Clamp-On, 3 Diopter LED Desktop Magnifier, 6.88w x 16.63d x 16.75h, Black (LEDM765B)


Alera LED Task Lamp, 5.38w x 9.88d x 17h, Black (LED931B)


Alera Twin-Arm Task LED Lamp with USB Port, 11.88w x 5.13d x 18.5h, Black (LED912B)


Alera Adjustable LED Desk Lamp, 3.25w x 6d x 21.5h, Black (LED908B)


Alera LED Desk Lamp With Interchangeable Base Or Clamp, 5.13w x 21.75d x 21.75h, Black (LED902B)


Alera Adjustable LED Task Lamp with USB Port, 11w x 6.25d x 26h, Brushed Nickel (LED900S)


Alera Floor Lamp, 71" High, Translucent Plastic Shade, 11.25w x 11.25d x 71h, Matte Black (LMPF72B)


Alera Task Lamp, 6w x 7.5d x 16h, Black (LMP832B)


Alera Architect Desk Lamp, Adjustable Arm, 6.75w x 11.5d x 22h, Black (LMP603B)


Alera Banker's Lamp, Post Neck, 10w x 13.38d x 16h, Brushed Nickel (LMP538BN)


Alera Traditional Banker's Lamp, 10w x 13.38d x 16h, Antique Bronze (LMP537BZ)