Canon CLI-281 Ink

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Canon (CLI-281) Black Ink Tank (2091C001)
Canon (CLI-281) Cyan Ink Tank (2088C001)
Canon (CLI-281) Magneta Ink Tank (2089C001)
Canon (CLI-281) Photo Blue Ink Tank (2092C001)
Canon (CLI-281) XL Magneta Ink Tank (2035C001)
Canon (CLI-281) XL Photo Blue Ink Tank (2038C001)
Canon (CLI-281) XL Yellow Ink Tank (2036C001)
Canon (CLI-281) XXL Black Ink Tank (1983C001)
Canon (CLI-281) XXL Cyan Ink Tank (1980C001)
Canon (CLI-281) XXL Magneta Ink Tank (1981C001)
Canon (CLI-281) XXL Photo Blue Ink Tank (1984C001)
Canon (CLI-281) XXL Yellow Ink Tank (1982C001)
Canon (CLI-281) Yellow Ink Tank (2090C001)
Canon 2034C001 (CLI-281XL) ChromaLife100 Ink, Cyan
Canon 2037C001 (CLI-281) ChromaLife100 Ink, Black
Canon 2037C005 (CLI-281XL) Ink, Black/Cyan/Magenta/Yellow
Canon 2091C005 (CLI-281) Ink, Black/Cyan/Magenta/Yellow
Canon 2091C006 (CLI-281) ChromaLife100 Ink/Paper Combo, Black/Blue/Cyan/Magenta/Yellow

Original Canon CLI-281 Ink cartridges print high-quality everyday documents, reports, and web prints. Home and office users who want the freedom to print all the everyday black text and graphics documents they need-at a low cost. Original Canon CLI-281 Ink cartridges are specially designed to work with your printer.

Equipment Models: Canon PIXMA TR7520, Canon PIXMA TR8520, Canon PIXMA TR8620, Canon PIXMA TR8620A, Canon PIXMA TR8622, Canon PIXMA TS6120, Canon PIXMA TS6220, Canon PIXMA TS6320, Canon PIXMA TS702, Canon PIXMA TS702A, Canon PIXMA TS8120, Canon PIXMA TS8220, Canon PIXMA TS8222, Canon PIXMA TS8320, Canon PIXMA TS8322, Canon PIXMA TS9120, Canon PIXMA TS9520, Canon PIXMA TS9521C