Canon 4530B007AA (PGI-225) Ink, Black, 2/Pack

Model: 4530B007
Value Pack Item Small Package; Eligible for UPS Shipping

Canon 4530B007AA (PGI-225) Ink, Black, 2/Pack

Model: 4530B007
Value Pack Item Small Package; Eligible for UPS Shipping

Product Family

Product Description

Stunning documents and sharp photos. Reliable and dependable. Integrates seamlessly. Device Types: Inkjet Printer; Color(s): Black; Supply Type: Ink; Market Indicator (Cartridge Number): PGI-225.

Product Features

  • Stunning documents and sharp photos.

  • Reliable and dependable.

  • Integrates seamlessly.

Product Specs



Family Model Number

Canon PGI-225 Ink

Manufacturer Stock No.






UPC Code






Device Types

Inkjet Printer

For Use With

Canon PIXMA iP4820, iX6520, MG5120, MG5220, MG6120, MG8120, MX882

Global Product Type

Print and Imaging Supplies-Ink/Ink Cartridges

Ink Base


Liquid Volume

38 mL

Market Indicator (Cartridge Number)


OEM / Compatible


Post-Consumer Recycled Content Percent


Pre-Consumer Recycled Content Percent




Supply Type


Total Recycled Content Percent


Assembly Required

No assembly is required

Contains Recycled Materials


Green Product


Value Pack


Unit of Measure


Item Weight


Ships via UPS


Carton Pack Quantity

12 PK



Country of Origin




Compatible Printers

Brother AX 10 Brother AX 100 Brother AX 110 Brother AX 12 Brother AX 120 Brother AX 12M Brother AX 130 Brother AX 140 Brother AX 145 Brother AX 15 Brother AX 18 Brother AX 20 Brother AX 210 Brother AX 22 Brother AX 220 Brother AX 230 Brother AX 24 Brother AX 240 Brother AX 245 Brother AX 25 Brother AX 250 Brother AX 26 Brother AX 28 Brother AX 30 Brother AX 300 Brother AX 310 Brother AX 320 Brother AX 33 Brother AX 330 Brother AX 340 Brother AX 35 Brother AX 350 Brother AX 355 Brother AX 370 Brother AX 40 Brother AX 400 Brother AX 410 Brother AX 425 Brother AX 430 Brother AX 440 Brother AX 45 Brother AX 450 Brother AX 475 Brother AX 500 Brother AX 550 Brother AX 600 Brother AX 625 Brother Compactronic 300 Brother Compactronic 300M Brother Compactronic 310 Brother Compactronic 320 Brother Compactronic 340 Brother Compactronic 350 Brother Compactronic 360 Brother Compactronic 380 Brother Correctronic 140 Brother Correctronic 145 Brother Correctronic 320 Brother Correctronic 333 Brother Correctronic 340 Brother Correctronic 360 Brother Correctronic 380 Brother EM 30 Brother EM 30 II Brother EM 31 Brother EM 31 II Brother EM 350 Brother EM 350 e Brother GX 6000 Brother GX 6500 Brother GX 6750 Brother GX 7000 Brother GX 7500 Brother GX 7750 Brother GX 8000 Brother GX 8250 Brother GX 8500 Brother GX 8750 Brother GX 9000 Brother GX 9500 Brother GX 9750 Brother LW-10 Brother LW-100 Brother LW-20 Brother LW-200 Brother LW-30 Brother LW-35 Brother LW-350 Brother LW-400 Brother LW-450 Brother ML-100 Brother ML-300 Brother ML-500 Brother Student-Riter II Brother SX-14 Brother SX-16 Brother SX-23 Brother SX-4000 Brother WP 1150 Brother WP 1250 Brother WP 1350 DS Brother WP 1400 D Brother WP 1450 DS Brother WP 1500 D Brother WP 1600 D Brother WP 1700 MDS Brother WP 1800 Neowriter Brother WP 2200 Brother WP 230 B Brother WP 2400 Brother WP 2410 Brother WP 2450 DS Brother WP 2500 Q Brother WP 2600 Q Brother WP 2800 Q Brother WP 330 MDS Brother WP 335 B Brother WP 3400 Brother WP 3410 Brother WP 3550 Brother WP 3600 D Brother WP 3650 D Brother WP 3900 Brother WP 3900 DS Brother WP 3950 Brother WP 4750 DS Brother WP 490 Brother WP 4U Brother WP 5 Brother WP 5500 DS Brother WP 5550 Brother WP 5600 MDS Brother WP 5750 DS Brother WP 5750 MDS Brother WP 5850 MDS Brother WP 5900 MDS Brother WP 60 Brother WP 620 Brother WP 65 Brother WP 660 Brother WP 660 E Brother WP 680 Brother WP 70 Brother WP 700 D Brother WP 720 Brother WP 75 Brother WP 760 D Brother WP 760 D Plus Brother WP 77 S Brother WP 80 Brother WP 800 MDS Brother WP 85 Brother WP 90 Brother WP 900 MDS Brother WP 95 Brother WPT-470 Brother WPT-480 Brother ZX 1700 Brother ZX 1900 Brother ZX 3000 Brother ZX 50 Canon PIXMA iP4820 Canon PIXMA iP4920 Canon PIXMA iX6520 Canon PIXMA MG5120 Canon PIXMA MG5220 Canon PIXMA MG5320 Canon PIXMA MG6120 Canon PIXMA MG6220 Canon PIXMA MG8120 Canon PIXMA MG8220 Canon PIXMA MX712 Canon PIXMA MX882 Canon PIXMA MX892 Olivetti RT 7500 Olympia Carrera I Olympia Carrera I DE Luxe Olympia Carrera III Olympia Prestige 378 Olympia Prestige 379 Olympia Prestige MD Olympia Prestige MD 40 Olympia Splendid Olympia Splendid MD Olympia Splendid MD 40 Panasonic KX-R Series Panasonic KX-R190 Panasonic KX-R191 Panasonic KX-R193 Panasonic KX-R194 Panasonic KX-R195 Panasonic KX-R196 Panasonic KX-R200 Panasonic KX-R210 Panasonic KX-R250 Panasonic KX-R300 Panasonic KX-R310 Panasonic KX-R315 Panasonic KX-R320 Panasonic KX-R330 Panasonic KX-R335 Panasonic KX-R340 Panasonic KX-R350 Panasonic KX-R355 Panasonic KX-R375 Panasonic KX-R430 Panasonic KX-R435 Panasonic KX-R440 Panasonic KX-R445 Panasonic KX-R520 Panasonic KX-R530 Panasonic KX-R535 Panasonic KX-R540 Panasonic KX-R550 Panasonic KX-R560 Panasonic KX-R800 Panasonic KX-W1000 Panasonic KX-W1025 Panasonic KX-W1030 Panasonic KX-W1500 Panasonic KX-W1505 Panasonic KX-W1510 Panasonic KX-W1525 Panasonic KX-W1550 Panasonic KX-W1555 Panasonic KX-W900 Panasonic KX-W905 Panasonic KX-W955 Panasonic KX-WD55 Panasonic KX-WL45 Panasonic KX-WL50 Panasonic KX-WL55 Panasonic Pers. Wordproc. W1500 Panasonic W1000 Panasonic W1025 Panasonic W1500 Panasonic W1510 Panasonic W1550 Panasonic W900 Royal RT 7300 Royal RT 7500 Royal RT 7700 Samsung SQ-1000 Samsung SQ-1020 Samsung SQ-3000 Samsung SQ-3020 Samsung SQ-W1000 Sears 268.53508 Sears 53508 Swintec SW 85 Swintec SW 95

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