Lysol Brand Toilet Bowl Cleaners & Disinfectants

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LYSOL Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner (74278)


Want to keep your bathroom looking and smelling fresh and clean? It starts with keeping your toilet sparkling clean! We offer every type of Lysol brand toilet cleaning solution for your unique bathroom situation. Automatic cleaners that last for months, special formulas to remove lime and rust. We sell single bottles as well as bulk quantities for even greater savings. View our entire selection above.

Lysol Brand Toilet Bowl Cleaners & Disinfectants FAQ

  • Is Lysol toilet bowl cleaner a disinfectant?

    Lysol liquid toilet bowl cleaner kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria by providing complete clean power. The angled bottle targets difficult-to-reach places like under the rim to ensure a clean, deodorized, and disinfected toilet bowl.

  • Which Lysol toilet cleaner is best?

    It depends on your unique bathroom and toilet situation. There are different formulas with bleach or hydrogen peroxide and ones that eliminate lime and rust. There’s cleaning solutions to spot clean and others that you add to your toilet tank for automatic, ongoing cleaning. Don’t forget we also sell in bulk, so stock up and save even more!