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LYSOL Lysol Disinfecting, Cleaning, Odor Neutralizing Sprays FAQ

  • What disinfectant spray is equivalent to Lysol?

    Fill a spray bottle with 3 ½ ounces of distilled water and with ½ teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide. If you want to "flavor" your disinfectant, add anywhere from 30 to 45 drops of disinfecting essential oil to the spray bottle.

  • Which is better, Pine Sol or Lysol?

    When it comes to Pine-Sol vs Lysol, Pine-Sol is effective in cleaning household and commercial surfaces, however, Lysol works just like Pine-Sol and will get rid of bacteria, fungi, mold, viruses, etc. So it depends on your specific use, but in general Lysol is a more effective cleaner.

  • Where to buy Lysol Spray, is Lysol spray in stock?

    Blue Dog Supplies does our very best to keep essential cleaning and disinfecting supplies like lysol spray in stock and ready to ship the same day in 97% of cases.