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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I know if my operating system is compatible with my software?
A: Some software is designed exclusively for use with a certain platform, like Windows or Mac OS, while other can accommodate both. Any requirements are generally listed in the product specs page and on the software packaging or in the accompanying user guide.

Q: Can I use the same graphics and publishing software for both print and Web projects?
A: Many graphics and publishing software programs, like those in the Adobe Creative Suite, lend themselves easily to use in a variety of formats. You may want to review any software you're considering to ensure that it will suit both your print and online project needs.

Q: Can I get software with a license for more than one user?
A: For companies/businesses that need multiple licenses, quantities are usually available in multiples of five (10, 15 or 20, for example). Packages with licenses for more than one user will indicate how many are included in the description or specs page of the product.

Q: Do I really need an operating system?
A: If you want to be able to use your computer, you do. An operating system, in a nutshell, is a program that enables you to run other programs. Without an operating system, like Windows, Linux, or Mac OS, your computer will be hard pressed to perform even very basic tasks.

Q: Do I need an upgrade/expansion pack or full version of my software?
A: If you have an earlier version of the software in question and just want to upgrade it to the most current version, then an expansion or upgrade package is for you. If you don't have the software already installed on your computer in any form, then a full version might be your best option.

Q: Does all software come in CD-ROM format?
A: Most software does, though some software is available to download online or distributed, increasingly, on DVD-ROM.

Q: What is a "suite" and why would I need it?
A: A suite of software is a collection of programs that are able to effectively work with and in each other, exchanging information easily and sharing the same common interface. They are the ideal choice when you want a variety of programs to accomplish different projects and goals, but have the functionality to work together when necessary.

Q: What does anti-virus software do?
A: This type of software helps to protect your computer by detecting malicious code (viruses, Trojans, worms, etc) in the layers of communication between networks and systems. When it finds these codes, it takes steps to ensure that they do not cause harm to your computer or system by notifying you, quarantining the code, attempting to delete it, or some combination of all these things.

Q: How will my software arrive?
A: Your software will most often arrive in the same type of packaging found at a retailer, unless otherwise specified.

Q: Can I use one software program to keep track of both my professional and personal financial information?
A: Some software programs, like Microsoft Money, can organize and control information from various sources (like different bank accounts) to keep your records in order. You can stay on top of your finances and reduce stress during tax time.

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