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Scanner Buying Guide

General Features
Flatbed Features
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Film & Slide Features

Film and slide scanners are the top of the line when it comes to processing graphics. Despite their small size and unassuming appearance they pack quite a graphical wallop. They work by taking in a slide, a negative, or a transparency and projecting a backlight through them so than can be scanned. These scanners are an essential tool for all graphics professionals.

Excellent Image Quality Film and slide scanners feature some of the finest scanning elements available and work with the best source materials for images, which combine to create the finest output files available. Small Desktop Footprint Because of the small media size, film and slide scanners take up very little desktop space.

Dedicated Use Unlike other scanners, which work as jacks of all trades, film and slide scanners do one thing and one thing well. If you need the best possible scans from originals, there really is only one choice.

Limited Use film and slide scanners are good for just that, scanning film and slides. If you need to process more than just these you might want to either look at a full-featured flatbed. High Cost Because of their high quality scanning elements, film and slide scanners can be quite expensive. As with all computer technologies, though, costs have been dropping rapidly over the last few years making these more and more attractive.

High System Requirements High quality scans need a high quality system. In order to facilitate the transfer of huge amounts of data, most film and slide scanners require a high speed SCSI connection. Make sure your computer have the proper equipment to handle these scanners.

Things to Look For:
Slide Capacity Most film and slide scanners can handle multiple slides and frames of film. Multiple frame capacity you can get more work done in one sitting. If you plan on processing a large amount of images look for a scanner with the largest possible capacity
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