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Super Warehouse Rebate Tips!

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Super Warehouse would like ensure that you receive the best quality in service, selection and prices anywhere. Part of that pricing model sometimes includes manufacturer rebates. Remember that manufacturer rebates are under the control of the manufacturer and not Super Warehouse. Many people believe rebates are sometimes just not worth the hassle. But on the contrary, a smart shopper can really get some good deals if they play the rebate "game" correctly.

Super Warehouse would like to provide you a check list of things you can do to help you get the most out of rebate promotions.

1. Make sure the rebate offer has not expired when shopping retail
2. Read the fine print
3. The infamous UPC and sales receipt
4. Mailing out material and tracking
5. Checking Your Mail
6. Returning a product after the rebate has been sent out
7. Make photocopies of everything!

1. Make sure the rebate offer has not expired
In a retail store, you may come across items in a store that display a colorful fancy rebate sticker screaming out how much money you will save if you purchase this product. Do not buy this product and think you are home free to receive this rebate, the truth is that the rebate may have already expired! Stores do not remove products off the shelf simply because the rebate has expired, therefore, your first step is to make sure the rebate offer is still valid.

Super Warehouse only displays "less rebate" prices during the valid purchasing period for the rebate to ensure your eligibility on our website. For expired rebates, we will display the rebate coupon (which includes the terms and conditions) for a period of 14 days after the last possible mail-in date has passed. Purchasing periods and mail-in periods are also clearly stated on our website to assist in your rebate redemption.

2. Read the fine print
With all rebates you must read the fine print. Some rebates limit the number of products you may purchase, while others require an additional purchase or subscription to a service. Most often, rebates are limited "one per household." This means that you cannot purchase three of an item and send it in under three different names to your home. Other restrictions you may find on rebates is that if you purchase product "X" you will receive a rebate on product "y." Some rebates on printers or digital cameras are only when purchased with a new computer system. Ensure you read the fine print on the rebate form.

Super Warehouse attempts to disclose all such conditions clearly on our website, within the item rebate description to ensure the consumer is not misled.

3. The UPC and sales receipt
Okay, so far so good. You have a rebate offer that has not expired and qualify to get your money back. Now you must prove that you actually bought the product and mail it in to the manufacturer.

A majority of the manufacturers require that you mail in your original receipt and the UPC (bar code) from the product box as your proof of purchase. Some problems may arise when you have purchased multiple products on the same receipt.

Super Warehouse offers an "invoice copy" when you login to 'My Accounts' specifically for your rebate purchase. Simply visit our rebate center to request yours or contact one of our friendly customer service representatives at: (800) 814-5410 or via email at: sales@superwarehouse.com. All you need is your order number and it will be sent to your primary email address.

4. Mailing out Material and Tracking
Depending on the amount the rebate, you may want to consider sending all of the rebate information using US Certified Mail. Certified Mail provides the sender with a mailing receipt. A record is kept at the post office of delivery. A return receipt can also be purchased for an additional fee. Available only with First-Class Mail and Priority Mail. (See http://www.usps.gov for more information)

Sending your rebate certified mail/return receipt may be well worth it for high dollar rebates.

The fun begins, tracking your rebate

This is probably the most dreaded part of the rebate process, tracking your rebate and getting your money back. Most rebate forms will have a website URL you can visit to check on your rebate status. Most often, they can notify you by email regarding your rebate status. In the absence of a website, you can always call them at the phone number provided. Don't think there is any rush for most manufacturer's to turn around your rebate check. You should expect your rebate within 6-8 weeks. Check the form, some say as long as 8 - 12 weeks.

NOTE: Set your expectations properly, then add a week or two. If you need the money back right away, stay away from rebates.

5. Checking your mail
Every time you check your mail - be very careful. Some reports say that up to 50% of rebate checks are never cashed. Why? Well, often they look like junk mail when they arrive in your mailbox. Don't throw out junk mail so easily when expecting a rebate - it may not look like money, but it is! Also, ensure you cash your check right away. Most rebate checks have a "Must be cashed within .... days or months" on the check. I've seen some which are only valid for 14 days. Just deposit or cash it right away.

6. Returning a product after the rebate has been sent out
Products offering mail-in-rebates are non-returnable to Super Warehouse once the rebates have been filed for. Be sure that the product is working and that you intend to keep the product before filing for rebates. Products missing UPC codes from the box are also not returnable and will be rejected or subject to a restocking fee. If you have any questions please call us at (800) 814-5410 BEFORE removing the UPC code from your product.

7. You should always make photocopies of everything!
The UPC is straight forward, but the one thing to keep in mind is if you purchased a product that you may need to return, most manufacturers will not accept the product if the UPC is missing from the box. Therefore, we suggest that you try out the product first and make sure it is what you expected before you cut out the UPC from the box. Make a photo copy of the UPC as well.

Include all other materials that the manufacturer may require and remember to fill out the rebate form completely. Once again make a photocopy of this form. If a manufacturer receives an incomplete rebate form they may or may not contact you. If they decide not to contact you then your rebate check will be held back. This is were most of the rebate fulfillment problems arise.

NOTE:Super Warehouse does not endorse or condone the use of rebates whatsoever. Super Warehouse will do everything in our power to ensure you are well appraised of rebate terms, conditions and time limits. If you have problems with any specific rebate, we'd like to know so we can help you. Please contact our special rebate team by clicking here.

We value your opinion! Email us Here!

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