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Q. Can I redeem multiple rebates on the same products?
A. Unless otherwise noted, all rebates are limited to ONE PER ADDRESS only. Please review the rebate information carefully.

Q. What do I need to send with my rebate form?
A. The rebate form will mention everything required of you to send with the form. Normally they require the receipt (proof of purchase), the original UPC barcode from the box and the completed form.

Q. Do the rebates expire?
A. Yes. The rebate form will have the expiration date listed on them. Be sure to mail the completed rebate form by the postmark date on the rebate form.

Q. How long will it take to receive my rebate?
A. On average, most manufacturers take 6-8 weeks for delivery while some can take up to 12 weeks. Please read the rebate form carefully to verify the amount of time it will take.

Q. Do I send the original or a copy of my receipt (proof of purchase)?
A. Most manufacturers will accept a copy of the receipt, but the rebate form will state which is required.

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