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Printer Guide - Laser, Inkjet, Dot Matrix, and Plotter

Computer printers: they come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and prices. The different computer printer technologies all provide differences in image quality, print speed, affordability, sustainability, and even noise. Inkjets, plotters, dot matrices, lasers. What does it all mean? Laser printers are toner-based and they function much like photocopiers. As the name implies, these printers use precision lasers to adhere the toner to paper using pressure and heat. Laser printers will generally cost a little more than most other printers, but the money spent is a worthwhile investment. They are known for their fast and high quality printing as well as their low cost per copy. If you're doing a lot of printing, spending more on a laser will end up saving you money in the long run. The high speed, quality images they produce and the frugal use of ink make the laser printers ideal for students as well as offices and small businesses.

Inkjet printers use liquid ink instead of toner, which they spray in very small, precise droplets onto paper. These are the most common consumer printers because their initial costs are so low. Although inkjets print more slowly than lasers and require time for the liquid ink to dry, they print silently and some, called photo printers, are equipped with extra pigment in order to produce a much wider spectrum of color. These photo printers are capable of printing on high quality photo paper and card stock as well as regular office paper. However, the initial cost of inkjet printers is low for a reason: the cost per copy is much higher than with lasers, requiring consumers to buy more ink cartridges more frequently. Inkjets certainly produce high quality images with very exact colorations, so if you don't mind renewing your ink cartridges regularly or if you will not be printing often, an inkjet could be right for you.

Dot matrix printers use print head that runs back and forth across a page, striking an ink-soaked ribbon against the paper. This impact printing functions much like a typewriter and is similarly capable of carbon or carbonless copying. Unlike a typewriter, lettering in a dot matrix printer is not fixed. Instead, any kind or size of font can be created using a dot matrix, which arranges little dots to form shapes much like a Lite-Brite. Many dot matrix printers are designed with multiple printer heads to produce rapid printing that covers the entire width of a page almost instantly. These are made for high volume output, are known for their ease and flexibility of use, and are advantageous for their ability to carbon copy.

Plotters are used for printing posters and flyers on very large pieces of paper and are unique in that they maintain a very high resolution despite the size of the page. They print quickly and have a very high image quality. For professional printing requiring exact detail and brilliant imagery on a large scale, plotters are the printers to choose. Most plotters come equipped with time saving features like continuous adjustments that mitigate interruptions and optimize both quality and reliability.

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