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Laser Printer

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How is a laser printer different from an inkjet printer?
A: It used to be that inkjet printers were best for photo and image printing and laser printers for text and documents. While laser printers today still provide sharp, crisp print quality, they can also produce excellent image quality.

Q: What does PPM mean?
A: PPM is defined as Pages Per Minute.

Q: What is DPI and how important is it?
A: The majority of laser printers today have a standard resolution of 300-1200 dots per inch (dpi), which is adequate for normal, everyday printing and small desktop publishing tasks. For larger, more demanding jobs, you may want to look into purchasing a laser printer with higher dpi. Some high-end models have resolutions up to 2400 dpi.

Q: How does my laser printer connect to my computer?
A: In addition to the power cord, which must be connected to a power strip or wall outlet, a laser printer will most often connect to the computer via USB, Parallel and Ethernet.

Q: How do I connect my laser printer to a network?
A: Printer servers are the solution in most cases. You can allow a printer connected to your computer to be available across the network. In this case your computer will need to be on in order for others to access it.

Q: What is a duty cycle?
A: The duty cycle is the amount of pages the printer can product within a months period of time. Its best to review the manufacturer's information to determine what printer will work best for you.

Q: What kinds of media can be used with a laser printer?
A: You're probably already familiar with the 8.5" x 11" paper that is used for standard documents. But laser printers can often accommodate different paper sizes, recycled paper, thick stock paper, transparencies, labels, envelopes, and even postcards.

Q: How can I accurately estimate print cost?
A: Estimating print costs depends on a variety of variables. First and foremost, this will depend on what type of printing you'll be doing. Typically, word documents cover about 5% of the page, while graphics or color intensive printing will cover as much as 50% of the page. By estimating your page coverage and how frequently you print, you can figure out how often you'll need to replace your toner cartridges.

Q: Should I refill my toner cartridges?
A: It is best to refer to your printer's warranty information. Many manufacturer warranties will become void if you refill your cartridges and they leak inside the printer.

Q: What does it mean when a toner cartridge is remanufactured or refurbished?
A: The terms remanufactured or refurbished apply to an original toner cartridge that has had new parts installed and then is put up for sale again, for less cost than the original. Usually, the drum unit is replaced, in addition to other parts that have become worn.

Q: Does it matter what brand of laser printer I buy?
A: When purchasing your printer, it's best to consider your needs or the needs of your business first. Choose a model that provides the features you want from a brand that you trust.

Q: Will a laser printer work with my PC or Mac?
A: Most laser printer models are designed to be both PC and Mac compatible. Check the Specs Table of each printer you are considering to see the system requirements of that model.

Q: What is a printer driver?
A: A driver is what allows your desktop computer to communicate with your printer. Typically, these are included with a printer. If not, they are easily downloaded from the manufacturer's site.

Q: What is a duplexer?
A: A duplexer allows both sides of the paper to be printed on.

Q: What is Continuous Forms?
A: Continuous Forms laser printers can print large amounts of paper without operator intervention by providing tighter registration over cut sheets and accommodating non-standard paper sizes.

Q: What are the benefits of extended warranties?
A:There are many benefits to purchasing an extended warranty. Here are some points to consider: value of product, price of extended warranty, date coverage begins, length of manufacturers warranty and length of extended warranty. If there is only a 90 day manufacturer warranty and it's a $600 laser printer, you might consider spending an additional $70 for an additional 1 year warranty. These extended warranties are important to consider when you expect to use the product for the next several years. Super Warehouse offers warranty coverage that extends beyond the basic manufacturer's warranty and can be purchased for about 10% of the total cost.

Q: What are some accessories I should consider when purchasing a laser printer?
A: Paper is generally a good option. You can also choose from a wide selection of toner cartridges, cables, memory, networking utilities, paper trays, and other consumables.

Q: How do I order supplies for my laser printer?
A: SuperWarehouse offers a complete line of replacement supplies for your laser printer. Simply use our easy Printer Supply Finder or call one of our Printer Supplies Specialists at (800) 814-5410.
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