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The New KODAK EASYSHARE All-In-One Printers

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In the age of digital cameras and digital image files, it seems as if traditional film cameras and film itself are falling by the wayside. While film still does exist alongside digital (rightfully so, as it is still superior in quality), digital has taken the front seat away from its older, more refined sibling. This is no more noticeable than when you walk into a photo printing lab establishment at the mall or drugstore and see that, while they still offer to print your 24-shot film roll, digital printing is the main focus and sell. It's quick and easy, and you can choose and edit the exact pictures you want.

But why print at the mall photo lab when you can print at home? Printer manufacturers have been posing this question to consumers for years. Since the first Inkjet printers hit the market about twenty years ago, manufacturers like HP and Epson have been creating Inkjet printers that reproduce lab quality prints right in your own home or office. The drawback is that the cost of printing yourself is generally heavier than taking the digital images to the mall.

Quality Inkjet printers from industry leading manufacturers are fairly affordable, but it's the cost of ink that can add up. Imagine an Inkjet printer that features slots for one black tank and five color tanks. At, say, $10 a tank your cost adds up to $60 to continue running the home photo printer. And that's a continued cost throughout the life of the printer.

Enter KODAK.

KODAK is a name synonymous with photography and photo prints. Now they are entering the Inkjet printer arena with a line of multifunction Inkjet printers that they hope will turn the industry on its ear.

These printers are designed to print high-quality pictures, but not break the bank on the initial purchase or the following ink cartridge purchases.

KODAK EASYSHARE All-in-One Printers use new pigment-based inks and printing technologies. Using pigment as the ink source, over the usual dye, is a key element to the design of the KODAK printers. Pigment-based inks keep their colors for a longer amount of time, but don't usually appear as vivid as dye-based inks which fade after a decade or so. KODAK engineers devised new ideas in ink and printing technology that disregard the bland colors of pigment ink, but also stay vivid for a lifetime.

The printer software assesses the digital images it receives and creates an optimal printing process on its calculations. The pigment ink is then boiled and shot at a speed of 24,000 drops per second through over 3,800 tiny nozzles. The liquid part of the microscopic pigment bits are absorbed into the paper and dries in 15 milliseconds. This whole process takes around 28 seconds to happen. Couple this process with Kodak's micro-porous papers and you have prints that will literally last a lifetime.

This new KODAK EASYSHARE All-in-One Printer line consists of the EASYSHARE 5100, EASYSHARE 5300 and EASYSHARE 5500 with pricing from $149.99 to $299.99. The pigment-based ink cartridges are priced at around $9.99 for a black ink cartridge and $24.99 for a five color ink cartridge.

With prices for printers that come in around the same comparably with other major manufacturers and a price-point on ink cartridges that bring down the cost of ownership, the KODAK EASYSHARE All-In-One Printer is a no-brainer. Add in the ability to edit images directly on the device, print and copy up to 32 pages per minute, and print all other text documents with ease and you just can't go wrong.

KODAK is doing its best to bring the photo into your home or office without sacrificing quality, image longevity, or your pocketbook. Make it a point to check out KODAK's new printer line here at Super Warehouse.
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