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Hard Drive Buying Guide

Connection Types
Other Connections

Internal Hard Drives
The majority of hard drives available today are internal. These are the basic drives found inside all computers, from the most basic home models up to the most powerful servers. While there are a great number of variances between models, they all are reasonable fast, reliable, and offer excellent storage ability.

External Hard Drives
These drives are essentially internal hard drives inside a protective, portable case. These are the ideal drives for people who are constantly on the move and need to take huge amounts of data with them. They also help facilitate people who work between multiple computers and want to have easy access to specific information.

The important factor to keep in mind with external hard drives is the interface. Make sure your computer supports the specific interface that the hard drive uses. If you need access times faster than your computer is capable of you might want to consider using an add-in card, such as a FireWire card, to increase you computer's capabilities.

Laptop Hard Drives
Again, these are essentially the same as internal hard drives except much more compact. They are designed from the ground up to offer the maximum amount of size and efficiency in the smallest possible package. While many laptop hard drives are designed to be permanently installed inside the laptop, a number are built to be easily installed and removed on the fly.

It is important to know that many laptop hard are proprietary and designed for a specific laptop model. Before buying any hard drive for your portable computer check on both our website and the manufacturer's to make sure it will work with your specific model.

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