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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do I need a separate phone line for my fax machine?
A: Not necessarily. Most units have a function that will automatically answer a incoming fax or allow you to screen the call before receiving the fax.

Q: What is a modem?
A: Found in all facsimile equipment, a modem converts a digital signal to an analog signal at the transmitting end, and at the receiving end reconverts the analog signal to a digital signal.

Q: What is the difference between Parallel and USB connectivity?
A: A parallel cable has 25 pins and is often used for older printer models. The USB cable is a high speed cable used in newer printer models.

Q: What is fax modem speed? What should I look for when considering a fax machine?
A: This refers to the speed at which data is transferred over a traditional phone line. Most of today's multifunction fax units include a 33.6 Kbps fax modem speed.

Q: What does a drum do?
A: A drum is electrically charged as it rotates to create an electrostatic image. The fax machine or printer then coats the charged drum with toner and the drum will roll the toner onto the paper delivering the final copy.

Q: What is the difference between thermal and thermal transfer?
A: Thermal fax machines use thermal paper rolls. Faxes and copies are printed onto the paper using heat. Thermal Transfer technology uses plain paper and a film ribbion to print faxes and copies onto the paper.

Q: Should I buy a laser machine or a thermal transfer machine?
A: Both units use plain paper to print faxes and make copies. Laser machines use toner and a drum like a laser printer. Some laser fax machines can be used also as a laser printer.

Q: What is a Document Feeder?
A: A device which feeds documents into a facsimile machine without operator assistance.

Q: How do I order supplies for my fax machine?
A: SuperWarehouse offers a complete line of supplies for your fax machine. Simply call one of our Product Specialists at (800) 814-5410.

Q: What are the benefits of extended warranties?
A: There are many benefits to purchasing an extended warranty. Here are some points to consider value of product, price of extended warranty, date coverage begins, length of manufacturers warranty and length of extended warranty. These extended warranties are important to consider when you expect to use the product for the next several years.
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