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Digital Camera Buying Guide

Types of Digital Cameras
Digital Camera Features

The Basics
Digital cameras were first introduced hardly a decade ago and have undergone some major changes in the process. What once were expensive, low-quality, functionally limited devices have now become affordable, efficient, highly-functional cameras that often outsell most categories of their film-based counterparts.

There are many selling points for switching from film to digital. There are no processing or film costs, you get the advantage of immediately viewing just-shot images, virtually instant uploads to your computer and the Web, quick and easy editing and fine-tuning, and the ability to generate high-quality photographs with almost any inkjet printer. In trying to decide which camera is right for you, you must keep in mind how much you're willing to spend, and what features are most important to you. Usually, inexpensive digital cameras generally come equipped with fewer features. They can produce fair to good but not excellent images. More expensive digital cameras usually offer a long list of features, and image quality tends to be very good or excellent. Read through this guide to decide which camera is right for you.
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