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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What does PPM mean?
A: PPM is defined as Pages per Minute.

Q: What is paper handling?
A: This refers to how the paper is moved through the printing or copying process without skewing, wrinkling or jamming. Paper handling could include an input cassette, sheet tray, fuser, etc.

Q: What does a drum do?
A: A drum is electrically charged as it rotates to create an electrostatic image. The copier then coats the charged drum with toner and the drum will roll the toner onto the paper delivering the final copy.

Q: What are the benefits of extended warranties?
A: There are many benefits to purchasing an extended warranty. Here are some points to consider value of product, price of extended warranty, date coverage begins, length of manufacturers warranty and length of extended warranty. If there is only a 90 day manufacturer warranty and it's a $400 copier, you might consider spending an additional $50 for an additional 1 year warranty. These extended warranties are important to consider when you expect to use the product for the next several years.

Q: What is a duty cycle?
A: The duty cycle is the amount of pages the copier can product within a months period of time. Its best to review the manufacturer's information to determine what copier will best suit your needs.

Q: How can I determine if I need a multifunction unit?
A: If you plan to have a fax machine and a printer in your home or office, you may as well invest in a multifunction unit. Multifunction units have great response times, save loads of space, and can be purchased for under $100 for a basic unit.

Q: What is a duplexer?
A: A duplexer allows both sides of the paper to be printed on.

Q: What is a the most common maximum paper size?
A: Most copiers with maximum paper sizes of 11" x 17" can copy nearly all of your home or office documents.

Q: What are some of the top copier brands?
A: HP and Xerox are both trusted, reliable brands for most printing needs. Brother and Canon also provide inexpensive quality copiers, while IBM leads in high-end machines.

Q: How do I order supplies for my copier?
A: SuperWarehouse offers a complete line of supplies for your copy machine. If you have a question, simply call one of our Supplies Specialists at (800) 814-5410.
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