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Choosing the Right Scanner For Your Business

Nowadays, choosing something as simple as a scanner is not as easy as it sounds. With so many brands, sizes, and features to choose from, you can spend hours searching on the Internet before finding one that's right for you. If you're in the market for a scanner, you shouldn't plunge into the process blindly. First, you should choose which type of scanner will best suit your needs.

Film & Slide Scanners

Film scanners, often called slide scanners, can scan both slides and negatives. These scanners often provide better resolution than other scanners because they do not need to scan large areas. Equipped with advanced technologies, these simple-to-use devices make scanning photos, negatives, and transparencies very quick and easy. The result is extremely accurate color rendition compared to the original film. Scanning film is better than scanning prints for two main reasons. First and foremost, you're using the original image instead of a copied image. And secondly, film has greatly more detail and contrast available. So if you're looking to store, archive, or file your old photos, this is the perfect scanner for you.

However, you should also be aware that image size and memory cost can be quite huge when scanning film, because you are realistically able to scan at very high resolution. Of course, the huge size is the entire point, but it does cost a bit more to create enough pixels to print a full size page.

Flatbed Scanners

Flatbed scanners are much more affordable than most other scanners, and they can be used to digitize your prints or just about any other item you can fit on the scanner bed. From black and white documents to photos, film, and other materials, flat bed scanners can do it all! Great for the home or the office, these scanners are known for fast startups and transferring data at blazing spends. More importantly, flat bed scanners offer automatic document detection size, so there's no need for complicated settings and selections.

So what features should you look for in a flatbed scanner? One of the most important factors to consider is image quality, or resolution. Resolution is accurately determined by comparing a scanner's optical ppi (pixels per inch). Typically, those featuring 600 ppi are considered high resolution scanners. So make sure you pay attention to those numbers if you want sharp photo prints.

Sheet Fed Scanners

If you're looking for a small, powerful scanner that can easily manage large stacks of documents, sheet fed scanners are the perfect choice for you. Don't waste valuable money or space on a flatbed scanner when all you need is fast, reliable access to document information. Sheet fed scanners are compact, lightweight machines that can reproduce both sides of a document simultaneously. In addition, they can scan business cards up to legal size documents and have them converted to searchable PDF's at the touch of a button. Ultimately, sheet fed scanners are a worthwhile investment because they offer high-quality performance without expensive upgrading costs.

As is the case with most office products, scanners should be carefully researched before making the right purchase. Besides the various types of scanners, you should also consider resolution, bit-depth, dynamic range, and speed. And here at Super Warehouse, you'll find a great selection and great deals on all types of scanners.

Super Warehouse offers a huge selection of Photo Scanners, Portable Scanners, Wide Format Scanners, High Speed Scanners, and Scanner Accessories.
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