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The difference between an "innie" and an "outie" belly button has nothing to do with management of the umbilical cord at birth. Later in life, this looks like a knot or polyp of skin protruding from the base of the umbilicus. The only concern with an "outie" belly button is if it is caused by an umbilical hernia.

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Your belly button! Whether you end up with an innie or an outie is usually a matter of chance. Most people end up with innies, but some people have outies. Outies usually occur when more of the umbilical cord is left when it's cut, leading to more skin left over once it dries out.

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Everyone has a belly button. And although they come in all shapes and sizes, we generally refer to them as either innies or outies.

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Innies, outies, in-betweenies. We had such an overwhelming response to our recent post on a new study examining belly button bacteria (ew)

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Okay, so what's the differences? Chances are you already know. It's fairly self- explanatory: innies are belly buttons that face inwards. Outies literally turn outward Belly buttons. For some men, they're the magic button that immediately signifies fun foreplay is about to begin. They can be kissed, touched,