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Kingston ValueRAM 4 GB Memory

10914388   Kingston
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SKU # KVR333D4R25/4G
Availability: No Stock


    ValueRAM is Kingston's value-priced line of industry-standard, generic memory intended for customers who have white box or generic computer systems, or who plan to purchase memory by specification. ValueRAM is designed to industry specifications tested, is 100% tested and is available at competitively low prices. This memory is designed for the following systems: Arima/Rioworks - HDAMA Motherboard; Arima/Rioworks - HDAMB Motherboard; ASUS - AP1600R-E2 (BA2) Server; ASUS - AP1600R-E2 (CS3) Server; ASUS - AP1710-E1 Server; ASUS - AP2400R-E2 (AS8) Server; ASUS - AW171 Server; ASUS - NCLV-D Motherboard; ASUS - SK8N Motherboard; ASUS - SK8V Motherboard; Gigabyte - GA-7A8DRH Motherboard; Gigabyte - GA-7A8DW Motherboard; Gigabyte - GA-9ILDR Motherboard; Gigabyte - GA-K8NNXP-940 Motherboard; Iwill - DK8ES Motherboard; Iwill - DK8N Motherboard; Iwill - DK8S Motherboard; Iwill - DK8S2 Motherboard; Iwill - DK8S2-SATA Motherboard; Iwill - DK8X Motherboard; Iwill - DN800 Motherboard; Iwill - DNS / DNS-L / DNS-SATA Motherboard; Iwill - H2101 Server; Iwill - H2B (H2B01) Blade Server; Iwill - QK8S-8P Motherboard; Iwill - QK8S/QK8S-4P Motherboard; MiTAC - Chilai 2100; MiTAC - Maryang2000 Server; MiTAC - Taiping 2100; MSI - E7320 Master Series Motherboard; MSI - E7520 Master S2M Motherboard; MSI - K1-1000A2 Rackmountable Server; MSI - K1-1000D/K1-1000S (V1.0) Server (MS-9245); MSI - K1-1000D/K1-1000S (V2.0/V2.0A) Server (MS-9245); MSI - K8D Master 3-133 FS / K8D Master 3-133 FA4R; MSI - K8D Master-F/K8D Master-FT (MS-9131); MSI - K8D Master3-FS/K8D Master3-FSM/K8D Master3-FA4R/K8D Master3-FA4RM; MSI - K8T Master1-FAR (MS-9130); MSI - K8T Master2-FAR (MS-9130); MSI - X2-102Series Server; MSI - X2-103 Series Server; MSI - X2-201 Series Server; Supermicro - SuperServer 6014A-8 (SYS-6014A-8); Supermicro - SuperServer 6014H-8 (SYS-6014H-8); Supermicro - SuperServer 6014H-i (SYS-6014H-i); Supermicro - SuperServer 6014H-T (SYS-6014H-T); Supermicro - SuperServer 6014H-X8 (SYS-6014H-X8); Supermicro - SuperServer 6014H-Xi (SYS-6014H-Xi); Supermicro - SuperServer 6014P-8/R (SYS-6014P-8/R); Supermicro - SuperServer 6014P-T (SYS-6014P-T); Supermicro - SuperServer 6014P-TR (SYS-6014P-TR); Supermicro - SuperServer 6014V-M4 (SYS-6014V-M4); Supermicro - SuperServer 6024H-8R (SYS-6024H-8R); Supermicro - SuperServer 6024H-i (SYS-6024H-i); Supermicro - SuperServer 6024H-T (SYS-6024H-T); Supermicro - SuperServer 6024H-TR (SYS-6024H-TR); Supermicro - X6DA8-G Motherboard Supermicro - X6DAE-G Motherboard; Supermicro - X6DAi-G Motherboard Supermicro - X6DAL-G Motherboard; Supermicro - X6DAL-TG Motherboard Supermicro - X6DAL-XG Motherboard; Supermicro - X6DAL-XTG Motherboard Supermicro - X6DAR-8G Motherboard; Supermicro - X6DAR-iG Motherboard Supermicro - X6DAT-G Motherboard; Supermicro - X6DH8-G Motherboard Supermicro - X6DH8-XB Motherboard; Supermicro - X6DHE-G Motherboard Supermicro - X6DHE-XB Motherboard; Supermicro - X6DHP-8G Motherboard Supermicro - X6DHP-iG Motherboard; Supermicro - X6DHP-TG Motherboard Supermicro - X6DHR-8G Motherboard; Supermicro - X6DHR-iG Motherboard Supermicro - X6DHR-TB Motherboard; Supermicro - X6DHR-TG Motherboard Supermicro - X6DHR-X8G Motherboard; Supermicro - X6DHR-XiG Motherboard Supermicro - X6DHT-G Motherboard; Supermicro - X6DVA-4G Motherboard Supermicro - X6DVA-EG Motherboard; Supermicro - X6DVA-iG Motherboard Supermicro - X6DVA-TG Motherboard; Supermicro - X6DVL-EG Motherboard Supermicro - X6DVL-G Motherboard; Tyan Computers - Thunder K8S/K8X (S2880); Tyan Computers - ThunderK8W (S2885); Tyan Computers - Thunder K8S Pro (S2882); Tyan Computers - Thunder K8QS (S4880); Tyan Computers - Thunder K8SR (S2881); Tyan Computers - Thunder K8QS Pro (S4882); Tyan Computers - Thunder i7520 (S5360); Tyan Computers - Thunder i7520R (S5360-1U); Tyan Computers - Thunder K8WE (S2895); Tyan Computers - Thunder K8SRE (S2891); Tyan Computers - Tiger K8W (S2875); Tyan Computers - Tiger K8WS (S2875S); Tyan Computers - Tiger i7320 (S5350G2NR); Tyan Computers - Tiger i7320R (S5350G2NR-1U); Tyan Computers - Tomcat K8S (S2850); Tyan Computers - Tomcat K8E (S2865); Tyan Computers - Transport GX28 (B2880T1S); Tyan Computers - Transport TX28 (B2880); Tyan Computers - Transport GX28 (B2881/B2882); Tyan Computers - Transport TA26 (B2882T26); Tyan Computers - Transport TX46 (B4882); Tyan Computers - Transport GX21 (B5350). For a complete compatibility list please refer to the original manufacturer's web site.

    • Capacity:  4 GB
    • Technology:  DDR SDRAM
    • Form Factor:  DIMM 184 pin
    • Warranty:  Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Key SpecificationsKingston ValueRAM 2 GB Memory
    Manufacturer Part #KVR333D4R25/4 GB
    Form Factor DIMM 184-pin
    Storage Capacity 4 GB
    Memory Speed 333 MHz
    CAS Latency CL2.5
    Compatible Slots 1 x memory - DIMM 184-pin
    Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Your Price: $33.33

    SKU # CMZ4GX3M1A1600C9B
    Your Price: $19.58

    SKU # VS1GSDS533D2
    Your Price: $134.77

    SKU # KTD-PE313LV/16G
    Your Price: $58.19

    SKU # CMSA8GX3M2A1333C9
    Your Price: $45.87

    SKU # INTDB-202002-PE
    Your Price: $45.60

    SKU # K1240-216436-PE
    Your Price: $53.78

    SKU # CT2KIT51264BF160BJ
    Your Price: $18.76

    SKU # KTD-DM8400C6/1G
    Your Price: $18.76

    SKU # KTH-XW4400C6/1G
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